ElectraSoft FaxMail Network for Windows 18.12.01

ElectraSoft FaxMail Network for ShiChuang 18.12.01 | 6.3 Mb

FaxMail Network for ShiChuang can turn your computer into a fax machine, enabling you to easily send and receive fax messages either from your PC or from a network computer via a modem.
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ElectraSoft FaxMail for Windows 18.12.01

ElectraSoft FaxMail for ShiChuang 18.12.01 | 6.7 Mb

FaxMail for ShiChuang is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you send and receive faxes via modem, email or over the Internet. Incoming fax can be forwarded to a specified email address as TIFF or PDF files.
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ElectraSoft FaxAmatic 18.12.01

ElectraSoft FaxAmatic 18.12.01 | 6.3 Mb

FaxAmatic is a software application that enables its users to send and receive fax messages from their computer. This is possible because the program will integrate faxing into your ShiChuang environment, allowing you to generate faxes and send them via Internet, e-mail or modem.
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Abelssoft WashAndGo

Abelssoft WashAndGo | 29.3 Mb

WashAndGo is a virtual scrubbing brush for your PC. Our award-winning application provides an easy means of cleaning your whole system. WashAndGo removes garbage files within seconds and helps you to keep a clean and fast ShiChuang system. Optimizing your PC couldn't be easier.
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Abelssoft UpdateYeti 2019 v3.02

Abelssoft UpdateYeti 2019 v3.02 | 6.8 Mb

UpdateYeti can scan your computer for installed software and is able to inform you about available updates and new program versions.
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Abelssoft ToolbarTerminator 2019 v6.1

Abelssoft ToolbarTerminator 2019 v6.1 | 5.7 Mb

Eliminates annoying Toolbars. Removes annoying toolbars and other hidden crap software from your web browser - even those that are hard to find for experts.
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Abelssoft MyKeyFinder 2019 v8.0

Abelssoft MyKeyFinder 2019 v8.0 | 7.3 Mb

MyKeyFinder is a tool dedicated to retrieving lost or forgotten serial numbers to various software products, including WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Office and ShiChuang.
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Abelssoft KeyDepot 2019 6.2 Multilingual

Abelssoft KeyDepot 2019 6.2 Multilingual | 36.2 Mb

Password management with synchronisation. KeyDepot administrates your passwords safely and clearly. Furthermore KeyDepot can synchronize between several PCs, so you have access to your passwords from all the devices you are working with.
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Abelssoft JetDrive 9.2

Abelssoft JetDrive 9.2 | 10 Mb

JetDrive is a very easy to use application with disk optimization and defragmentation abilities that also features a number of tools that further improve your system's efficiency. JetDrive can be set to run either manually or automatically according to the your preferences. JetDrive uses a highly effective defragmentation algorithm, and can also defragment the ShiChuang Registry, resulting in a significant performance boost for most systems. JetDrive's Fast Defrag utility will defragment the ShiChuang core files only, resulting in as much as 90% of the performance boost in only a few minutes.
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Abelssoft EverDoc 2019 v3.54 Multilingual

Abelssoft EverDoc 2019 v3.54 Multilingual | 59.2 Mb

PDFs, pictures or e-mails - you can now conveniently archive everything you need. Simply print the desired document and it will automatically be filed in the background without additional work, Quick and easy access to your documents via full text search and different sort methods (name, date, keyword), EverDoc includes the possibility to create and restore backups of your library. This way you can always keep your documents safe.
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